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USMRC’s specialized training and assessment programs for mariners and pilots are designed and led by a marine operations team comprised of professionals with a wide variety of real-world maritime experience, from Master Mariners of all tonnages and vessel types, highly experienced maritime pilots, to engineers of varying horsepower and propulsion types.  Our programs provide unique opportunities for knowledge-sharing, skill development, peer-to-peer learning, confidence-building, assessment and candidate evaluation.
In addition to our simulation technology suite which includes both desktop and full mission bridge simulators with ship and tug wheelhouse configurations (including a purpose-built 360 degrees ASD tractor tug), USMRC also has access to a fleet of vessels for charter for practical underway training on limited tonnage and small vessels.  Our local geography provides us with optimal operating areas and conditions: rivers, bays, sounds, numerous harbors, four-season weather and varying oceanographic conditions. 
Sample specialized training and assessment for mariners and pilots include:

  • Basic and Advanced ASD Tractor Tug Operations

  • Advanced and Emergency Shiphandling for Pilots

  • Tethered Escort Operations

  • Nautical Competency Assessments for Tug Masters, Deck Officers and Pilots

  • Ship-to-Ship (STS) and Mooring Master Training 

  • Bridge Resource Management for IMO High Speed Vessel Operations 

  • Candidate Evaluation Assessments for Pilots, Tug Masters and Senior Officers

  • Underway Watchkeeping, Navigation, Seamanship and Shiphandling Program

  • Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) Familiarization for Pilots

  • Advanced and Emergency Shiphandling for Tug/Barge Operations

  • Bridge Team and Pilot Familiarization Training for New Projects 


For more information, please contact Rick Comeau at or call +1 401 849 0222.

USMRC partner in providing world class

tug master and pilot training,

tugboat simulation,

auditing and assessments

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