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IGF Code Operations

Basic and Advanced IGF Code Operations (formerly Basic and Advanced Low Flash Point Fuel Operations (a.k.a., LNG Bunkering PIC or LNG Marine Fuel)) Courses 

USMRC’s five-day, combined Basic and Advanced IGF Code Operations Course, the first of its kind in the Americas, is primarily designed to prepare mariners and facility personnel to serve as persons in charge of LNG bunkering operations for gas fueled vessels.
USMRC developed the course through a partnership with the first operator of an LNG-fueled vessel in North America, Harvey Gulf International Marine, and by a team of LNG marine fuel subject matter experts with significant and diverse operational experience.  These same experts also provide the course instruction.
The course is also relevant for other shore-based industry professionals, facility personnel and public sector stakeholders who stand to benefit from a deeper technical understanding of LNG bunkering operations.


The USMRC combined course has been accepted by the United States Coast Guard and meets or exceeds current IGF Code and IMO STCW requirements.

Currently, USMRC is only offering the basic and advanced (combined or stand-alone) courses off-site for specific clients in the Americas.  Stay tuned for updates on future scheduling of open enrollment courses for individuals or small groups.

“The hands-on parts of the LNG bunkering training at USMRC provide a true test for our mariners under a range of normal, unusual and emergency operating conditions – they really have to prove themselves. USMRC is clearly at the forefront of LNG bunkering training.”
--Chad Verret, Executive Vice President – Alaska and LNG Operations
Harvey Gulf International Marine

For further information on our LNG training programs, please contact Brian Holden via telephone at +1 (401) 849-0265 ext. 212 or via email

Harvey Energy, Courtesy Harvey Gulf International Marine

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