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General Maritime Resources – this fund permits USMRC the most flexibility in terms of providing financial support across the entirety of its program areas including the targeted funds below.
Mariner Workforce Development – this fund permits both aspiring as well as current mariners across all merchant marine license and credential levels to have the maximum opportunity to obtain the essential qualifications and to acquire the competencies necessary to either gain entry-level employment in or continue to work and advance their careers in the maritime sector.   
Simulation Technologies – this fund enables USMRC to acquire and maintain the most precise and highest fidelity, leading maritime simulation technology tools which in turn deliver top quality research findings and mariner training and assessment outcomes.  
Maritime Policy Advocate – this fund is used to enable USMRC to help inform and educate our strategic partners and leading maritime organizations in advocating for public policies and regulatory initiatives that allow for commercial maritime operations to prosper and help create the conditions for a strong and vibrant maritime sector.
Maritime Research – this fund is used to facilitate research projects for the benefit of the maritime sector as well as all other users of the maritime domain; operational research topics support USMRC’s mission to advance navigation and operational safety, mitigate risk and to foster environmental stewardship in marine operations.  A recent example of such research is our Maritime Cyber Assurance program.



By clicking on the Donate button you will be redirected to our PayPal hosted site where you may donate via PayPal, debit or credit card.

Make a donation and double your impact. Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses.  Please choose USMRC for your annual matching gift.

A gift of appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds, if you have held them for more than a year, will provide benefit to both you and USMRC.

If you would like to offer a donation by check payable to USMRC, please send it to USMRC, 344 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI 02842.

Have questions about our giving programs or other ways you can support USMRC?
Call or email Brian Holden, President - (401) 849-0265 x212 or

USMRC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization with federal tax identification of 52-1238145. As the United States Maritime Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity, donation is deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. 

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Looking for a way to do your part in making marine operations safer and better for the environment?  

Interested in helping promote the growth of a strong, resilient and vibrant maritime sector that contributes to the well being of all?  

Have a passion to transform the lives of young persons of all backgrounds in being able to have the opportunity to pursue careers in the maritime industry and providing for their families?

Your tax deductible, charitable contribution to USMRC can help make advancements in and provide a lasting impact across all of these areas as well as other future maritime program initiatives.  Or perhaps you have a specific area of interest based on your own philanthropic goals. 

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