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CYBER AWARENESS FOR MARINERS provides marine operations professionals with an interactive web-based learning experience that is custom-built “by mariners, for mariners,” and based on real maritime cyber field expertise brought by Moran Cyber and USMRC.


This 45-minute course provides mariners aboard any vessel with a better understanding of common vulnerabilities to onboard computer-based networks and industrial control systems to include both operational and information technologies (OT/IT). It also offers tested and effective guidance to help prevent cyber disruptions onboard.


The course is derived from actual onboard research and analysis in the marine industrial environment, across numerous vessel types and maritime industry sectors.


Vessel owners and operators as well as ship management and crew staffing companies will also benefit from the course.

CYBER AWARENESS FOR MARINERS is delivered on the highly regarded Marine Learning Systems platform and provides an exam and a course completion certificate.  This training aligns with:

  • IMO Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management

  • Guidelines for Cybersecurity Onboard Ships (Version 3)

  • OCIMF Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA 3)

  • Cyber Risk Management Best Practices for the Towing Industry (Version 1.0)

  • US Coast Guard Draft NVIC 05-17

  • NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)

To register for the course or to request additional information, please contact the USMRC registrar via:


Telephone: +1 (401) 849-0222


Tuition discounts available for groups.

***** Online Course Registration Coming Soon!!! *****

Click on image below to download PDF brochure

Cyber Awareness for Mariners eLearning B

Click on image above to download PDF brochure

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