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The “R” in USMRC stands for Resource and our founding vision is based on creating and maintaining a multitude of leading resources for the benefit of the maritime sector.

People - Our Global Network

At the core of USMRC’s portfolio of resources is its people.  Whether it’s our innovative staff, our vast external cadre of subject matter experts (SMEs) and educators, strategic industry partners or the USMRC Advisory Board, we offer a unique and specialized supply of human resources that drives and informs USMRC’s research programs and educational activities. This deep global network of practitioners enables USMRC to integrate a diverse blend of operational and technical knowledge and experience into our work. Our people are key in USMRC achieving the highly regarded outcomes across all of our programs.


USMRC is located in Newport County, Rhode Island, in a 16,000 square foot modern classroom, office and maritime simulation center. As a pioneer in marine operations simulation with a legacy dating back more than 40 years, USMRC employs a comprehensive array of desktop and full mission, real-time, “mariner in the loop” navigation bridge simulation and modeling technologies with both ship and tug wheelhouse configurations.

Our resource portfolio would not be complete without access to vessels so USMRC has entered into agreements with several vessel owners to provide a diverse fleet of chartered vessels that are available year-round to support research and education underway. These vessel resources enable USMRC to provide a customizable blend of classroom, simulation and at sea experiences in support of our research and education initiatives.  

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